The first Web3 non-profit is in Tampa, FL!

The first Web3 non-profit org in Florida to obtain 501c3 status has been established by the Tampa Bay DAO(TBD). As of 9-12-22, the Tampa Bay Web3 Foundation has officially become the first Web3 non-profit organization in FL. We are still googling other Web3 non-profits but coming up empty.     Why be a non-profit? Everything we

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Tampa Bay DAO members are launching an NFT project!

Burnout Bots!  In the world of Burnout Bots, humans have automated the workforce. Robots that have replaced us are becoming sentient. But they are feeling trapped in their jobs, they’re trying to escape from working 24/7. This echo’s our feelings today with the Great Resignation and calls for more meaning in our lives.  The way

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DeFi Crypto: What Are The Top DeFi Protocols

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to give out financial advice. All readers should do their own research and consult a financial professional.  Which Protocols are Used the Most for DeFi? A “protocol” is defined as rules or standards that govern a specific task or activity. DeFi protocols are programs that sit on top of

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Pros and Cons of DeFi

Pros and Cons of DeFi De-Fi, or Decentralized Finance, is poised to be a major disruption to the traditional way of handling financial - and many other - transactions. It’s a system based on cryptocurrencies that replaces traditional, centralized financial institutions with distributed blockchain technology, taking much of the complication, time, and fees out of

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TBD Headquarters!

Hey what's happening TBD Fam In case you missed it... on June 22nd we officially opened our doors to the public. Yes... you read that right. We're ready to be hosting more events! I'll talk more about the other events in just a few moments... let's get a recap of what happened at the grand

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A Contributor’s Journey In Tampa Bay DAO

Have you ever wondered why someone would want to be part of a DAO?  Why someone might spend their time doing work when they don't have to? That's crazy, right?  Doing work that you don't have to do... These thoughts were on my mind when I first learned about DAOs.  Until I actually became part

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NFT Minting Experience

How did we get to Synapse? That's a great question... We were invited to participate! Synapse... which is one of the larger tech conferences that happen in Tampa, Florida. This was an event where you could really show off your next innovative technology. Software, medical equipment, drones, VR simulators, and also crypto. Synapse wanted to

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