WTF is DeFi?

DeFi Decoded Yep, another crypto term to demystify! Emerging technologies have a lot of lingo to learn but fear not dear reader, the Tampa Bay DAO will once again be your sherpa along this latest tech-term path! “DeFi” stands for “Decentralized Finance”. It’s an umbrella term to describe a way of conducting financial transactions that

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NFT Minting Experience

How did we get to Synapse? That's a great question... We were invited to participate! Synapse... which is one of the larger tech conferences that happen in Tampa, Florida. This was an event where you could really show off your next innovative technology. Software, medical equipment, drones, VR simulators, and also crypto. Synapse wanted to

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Tampa Bay DAO: An Introduction

With over 4 million people turning in their resignation letters to employers in 2021, Tampa Bay’s Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) offers a place for free agents such as creatives, entrepreneurs, artists, freelancers, etc. to share knowledge and skills in a supportive, educational, and collaborative environment.

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